Dr. Robert Otto


I believe that we all have wounds that hurt. I don’t want to hurt unnecessarily and don’t want others to suffer that way either. Pain is real but no wounds are too big for God to heal.

My experiences as a husband, father, soldier and leader provide me with an understanding of some of the issues that are difficult for men. Struggles are real, and there is always hope for change.

I get charged up working with husbands, fathers and young men who need someone to help them sort out issues in their lives and learn how to make life work. I have noticed that few men have seen a good example in their own fathers of a godly male leader in their home. Without that example, they often feel insecure as husbands or fathers. Young men growing up in single parent homes without the regular influence of their fathers are on the front end of this struggle. It is my privilege to help these men learn to work through their pain and failures and learn to succeed… and help the next generation experience greater success in these areas as well.



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Nova Southeastern University
Family Therapy

Master of Science (M.S.), Nova Southeastern University
Family Therapy

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), (United States Military Academy)
Aerospace Engineering

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Infantry Officer in the United States Army

Airborne & Ranger qualified

Associate Staff with Cru Military



  • Husbands (healing after affairs, leadership in the home, premarital counseling, pornography and sexual addiction issues)

  • Fathers (parenting issues)

  • Sons (stepping into the lives of young men who do not have a strong male role model)

  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders (helping wounded healers learn to lead well at home and work)

  • Soldiers and Veterans dealing with PTSD (I know what it is like to jump out of an airplane at 0200 with my face painted and a rifle strapped to my side. I speak green. Everybody needs a Ranger buddy to watch his back. It is my great privilege to help warriors heal unseen wounds.)