Dr. Joni F. Dapra



Dr. Joni F. Dapra


I have hope for healing. I believe that given the opportunity to feel safe – people who are hurting can truly find healing in their hearts, minds, and spirits. If I can serve others in this important process – it truly is my privilege to do so.

I know the world is a broken place where our hearts and minds sustain many injuries. Sometimes and for some injuries we have the resilience to overcome and be at peace, but when we can’t find our way, it’s not only okay but wise to ask for help. By God’s grace, I am privileged to have learned the way to go over the years, and can hold a lantern for others to find the way as well.

It is so important to me that I am able to instill confidence in others that there is hope in their future, because I am always sure that there is. I come equipped with a strong education, but more importantly I have life experience to draw from and a personal confidence in an unfailing Lord.

My professional passion is in promoting healthy and fulfilling relationships. This interest extends to relationships between people; including husbands and wives, parents and children (grown or still in the nest), as well as the relationship we have with ourselves and finally the most important relationship of all – with our Creator – God.


  • Individuals suffering with anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties

  • Marriage counseling

  • Parenting issues and/or other concerns with children

  • EMDR – treatment for PTSD or other levels of trauma