Jeffery Bercaw


Jeffery Bewcaw


I have a tender heart toward hurting and conflicted men who feel abandoned, lost, and alone. They need to know that they have purpose and dignity. There are seasons in life when we can feel broken, when despair is a powerful force. In these moments, men need to feel that there is hope, and that this hope can be for change even in the most painful places of their lives. These seasons do not have to last forever, but when we are in the middle of them, that part of the journey can be all-consuming. I feel honored to share perspective and hope during these times.

At times, this journey requires walking through the low road of dealing with painful memories from the past. Wounds can go deep. Learning to articulate dreams and grieve in healthy ways can be important stops along the way to healing. These require a safe place with a safe person who is willing to listen. God has given me that kind of heart.

I have had the privilege for many years of meeting face to face, or even via Skype, with men who were interested in learning and healing. I bring my experience as a counselor, conference speaker and mentor every session. I have seen the Lord heal broken and bruised places. I have watched the Lord restore and repair lives and relationships.


  • Men’s issues
  • Leading in a marriage
  • Sexual abuse recovery
  • Healing from childhood trauma
  • Marriage counseling