The road to recovery is not meant to be traveled alone. Our team is dedicated and ready to help you take that next step.


Our Counseling Services:

Mental Health, Addictions and Recovery

Many of our clients struggle with mental health, addiction and recovery issues. The weight of these challenges can significantly affect every aspect of a person’s life. We understand those struggles. Our professionals are ready to help clients navigate through these challenges to settle at a more manageable, healthy place. Lasting change and insight into how these issues impact many other areas of life are essential in this process.

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Trauma and Abuse

The emotional aftermath of traumatic events can be as devastating as any physical damage. Trauma shatters our sense of security, often leaving in its path feelings of vulnerability, helplessness, and worthlessness.

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Marriage, Family & Parenting

There are times in all relationships when one faces challenges too complicated or overwhelming to handle on their own. A relationship may be facing outside stressors such as the loss of a loved one, medical illness, or unemployment. Couples may struggle with different ideas about managing finances or parenting. Many can benefit from learning ways to improve communication skills. Misunderstandings do not have to turn to frustration and anger rapidly. There are solutions.

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Brain Wellness and Neuroscience

Brain health and wellness has experienced the most significant advances in the last 25 years due to the emergence of neuroscience, brain wellness programs, and brain imaging technology. Research has shown that 8 out of 10 patients treated for a psychiatric condition will have their diagnosis significantly altered and/or changed altogether after gleaning the information from brain imaging technology.

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Anxiety and Depression

Many people with anxiety disorders also suffer from depression. Anxiety and depression are believed, in part, to stem from a common biological vulnerability.  This might explain why the two so often go hand in hand; in fact, the presence of one intensifies the presence of the other. Seeking help for both conditions is important.

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Psychological testing and assessment can offer light at the end of the tunnel when a child is struggling academically, emotionally, behaviorally. At Spanish River we utilize the most state of the art tests, which are accepted by most school systems and college boards. Our highly trained, licensed psychologist administers and scores all of the tests, and writes the psychological evaluation. A technician completes no part of the process.  After the report is complete, our psychologist will explain the results of the testing in person, in a way that is easy to understand. The report will contain recommendations specifically tailored to you or your child. 

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